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Fig. 4

From: Unseasonal development of post-sunset F-region irregularities over Southeast Asia on 28 July 2014: 1. Forcing from above?

Fig. 4

Altitude - latitude - longitude plots restricted to the red rectangle in Fig. 2, showing the tangent point locations of the RO events that sampled the ionosphere each hour from 11 UT (top row) until 15 UT (bottom row) on 28 July 2014. The tangent points (and their respective projections in the latitude-longitude plane) in the left and right columns are colored according to the measured S4 index and electron density, respectively. The black dashes in the altitude-latitude plane in the right column show the peak electron density altitudes measured for each RO event. The black symbols in the latitude-longitude plane indicate the station locations, as in Fig. 2. Note that RO profiles are plotted from 80 to 600 km altitude in this figure a 20140728, 11-12 UT, b 20140728, 11-12 UT, c 20140728, 12-13 UT, d 20140728, 12-13 UT, e 20140728, 13-14 UT, f 20140728, 13-14 UT, g 20140728, 14-15 UT, h 20140728, 14-15 UT

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