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Fig. 5

From: Cold surge event observed by radiosonde observation from the research vessel “Hakuho-maru” over the Philippine Sea in December 2012

Fig. 5

Vertical profiles of the temperature and moisture budget. (Left) Local temperature change \(\partial \overline {T} / \partial t\) (black), horizontal temperature advection \(-\overline {\boldsymbol {v} \cdot \nabla T}\) (light blue), vertical temperature advection \(-\overline {\omega } \left (\partial \overline {T} / \partial p - R / C_{p} \ \overline {T} / p \right)\) (green), and individual change in temperature δT/δt (red). (Right) The same as the left panel, except for the moisture budget: local moisture change \(\partial \overline {q} / \partial t\) (black), horizontal moisture advection \(- \overline {\boldsymbol {v} \cdot \nabla q}\) (light blue), vertical moisture advection \(- \overline {\omega } \left (\partial \overline {q} / \partial p \right)\) (green), and individual change in moisture δq/δt (red)

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