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Fig. 4

From: Cold surge event observed by radiosonde observation from the research vessel “Hakuho-maru” over the Philippine Sea in December 2012

Fig. 4

Time series of the near-surface temperature during December 22–29, 2012. Values are the average between the surface and 850 hPa. (blue) Minamidaitojima, (light blue) Chichijima, (black) Hakuho-maru fixed-point observation data (3-hourly), (green filled circle) R/V Hakuho-maru data used in the budget analysis (12-hourly; 1200 UT on December 24, 0000 UT on December 25, and 1200 UT on December 25), (red) mean temperature obtained from the observations at the three site/stations (R/V Hakuho-maru, Minamidaitojima, and Chichijima)

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