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Fig. 8

From: Deep magnetic field stretching in numerical dynamos

Fig. 8

As in Fig. 6 for another intense high-latitude normal polarity magnetic flux patch (HN). This patch presents a dominant St h in dynamo model 2. The mid-depth patch in a is shifted with respect to the outer boundary patch in b by δ𝜗=5.62° and δφ=7.50° with an auto-correlation of 0.69. The local statistics for this patch are as follows: Ad r /Ad h =1.16; St r /St h =0.65; St h /Ad h =2.10; St/Ad=1.47; \(\mathcal {P}/\mathcal {T}=1.07\); and \(\|u_{r}\|/\|\vec {u}_{h}\|=1.62\)

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