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Fig. 5

From: Deep magnetic field stretching in numerical dynamos

Fig. 5

A snapshot from dynamo model 1: radial magnetic field B r (colors) and the tangential flow \(\vec {u}_{h}\) (arrows) at a mid-depth and at b the top of the free stream just below the Ekman boundary layer. The velocity arrows in a and b have the same scale. The following quantities are all at mid-depth: c radial vorticity ω r , d tangential divergence δ h , e tangential advection SV, f tangential stretching SV, g radial advection SV, h radial stretching SV, and i total frozen-flux SV. Also in j, the radial flow u r (colors) and the tangential magnetic field \(\vec {B}_{h}\) (arrows) are shown. All variables are non-dimensional. The global statistics for this snapshot are as follows: Ad r /Ad h =0.60; St r /St h =1.91; St h /Ad h =0.51; St/Ad=1.22; \(\mathcal {P}/\mathcal {T}=0.39\); and \(\|u_{r}\|/\|\vec {u}_{h}\|=0.64\)

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