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Fig. 15

From: Mass transfer in the Earth’s interior: fluid-melt interaction in aluminosilicate–C–O–H–N systems at high pressure and temperature under oxidizing conditions

Fig. 15

Partition coefficient of CO32 groups between coexisting fluid and melt as a function of temperature. Partition coefficients were determined as discussed under Eq. (1) in the text. The straight line fit by least squares regression yields; ln K = 6 ± 2–6203 ± 1620/T, r2 = 0.83. Also shown are data from Mysen (2015a) from a silicate–COH system, also under oxidizing conditions. The dashed lines represents a least squares linear fit through those data, with the expression ln(CO32-/HCO3-) = − 11,893 ± 7610/T + 13 ± 8, r2 = 0.74 as well as data from Webster et al. (2014) using natural silicate melts and COH fluids that also contains halogens and sulfur

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