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Table 1 Thematic map data used for comparison with the terrain classification of the current study

From: Global terrain classification using 280 m DEMs: segmentation, clustering, and reclassification

  Range Dataset (map) Creator/publisher Subject Map scale/resolution Usage in this study
1 Japan (nationwide) Seamless Digital Geological Map of Japan (SDGM) GSJa (ed.) (2015) Geology 1:200,000 Grouping decision, subdivision of the groups
2 Japan (nationwide) Japan Engineering Geomorphologic Classification Map (JEGM) ver.3 Wakamatsu and Matsuoka (2013) Landform 250 m grid Grouping decision, subdivision of the groups
3 Japan (nationwide) Landslide Distribution Maps NIEDb Landslides 1:50,000 Grouping decision
4 Japan (urban area) Land Condition Map GSIc Landform 1:25,000 Subdivision of the groups
5 California Vs30 map Wills et al. (2015) Geological ground condition 1:24,000 Comparison
6 Australia Geological Regions of Australia Blake and Kilgour (1998), GAd (ed.) Geology 1:5,000,000 Comparison
7 Australia Regolith Map of Australia Chan et al. 1986, GA (ed) Major landform 1:5,000,000 Comparison
  1. aGeological Survey of Japan, AIST [2015]
  2. bNational Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience
  3. cGeospatial Information Authority of Japan
  4. dGeoscience Australia