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Table 2 Simulation parameters of the pressure-driven flow scenario, where \(u_{\tau }=\sqrt {\tau _{w}/\rho _{f}}\) is the friction velocity at the fluid/particle interface, U b is the bulk (average) velocity of the fluid, τ w is the shear stress at the fluid/particle interface, ν f the kinematic viscosity, L x , L y , and L z are the spatial extents of the computational domain in the Cartesian space, and h is the grid cell size

From: High-resolution simulations of turbidity currents

Re = U b L y /ν f 9.9
D + = u τ D p /ν f 0.39
Sh = τ w /[(ρ p ρ f )gD] 0.97
ρ p /ρ f 2.1
L x × L y × L z 11.26D p × 22.52D p × 11.26D p
h f /D p 8.7
D p /h 22.7