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Fig. 1

From: Late Holocene uplift of the Izu Islands on the northern Zenisu Ridge off Central Japan

Fig. 1

a Spatio-temporal distribution of great earthquakes along the Nankai, Suruga, and Sagami troughs (Ando 1975; Ishibashi and Satake 1998; Shishikura 2014). Individual fault segments are labeled A–E and Z; 1 indicates the Sagami Bay segment and 2 denotes the South Boso segment. The boundary of the Izu microplate (IM) is after Nishimura et al. (2007). b Distribution of inundation heights for the Meio earthquake, as determined by Hatori (1975). The hatched area indicates the source area of the Meio earthquake (Hatori 1975). c Map of the study area and Zenisu Ridge. The submarine fault between Shimoda and Mikomotojima is after Kitamura et al. (2015)

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