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Table 1 Thermophysical properties for Mars mantle relevant to dynamo activity

From: Feasibility of a magma ocean dynamo on Mars

Property Symbol Value Scale and dimensions
Magnetic permeability μ 0 4π ×10−7 H m −1 (definition)
Thermal expansivity α 2.3 ×10−5 K −1 a
Heat capacity C P 1200 J kg −1 K −1 b
Gravity g 3 m s −2 a
Density ρ 4000 kg m −3 a
Rotation rate Ω 71 ×10−6 s −1 c
Heat flux Q m 519 GWa,c
  1. a Sohl and Spohn (1997) evaluated in the transition zone b Nimmo and Stevenson (2000) c Present day value