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Table 1 MU radar parameters used during the ShUREX 2015 campaign

From: Shigaraki UAV-Radar Experiment (ShUREX): overview of the campaign with some preliminary results

Beam directions (0°,0°),(0°,0°),(0°,0°),(0°,0°),(0°,0°), (0°,10°),(45°,10°),(90°,10°),(135°,10°),(180°,10°)
Radar frequencies (MHz) 46.00,46.25,46.50,46.75,47.00
Interpulse period (μs) 400
Subpulse duration (μs) 1
Pulse coding 16-bit optimal code
Range resolution (m) 150 m (nominal), ~ 20 m (range imaging)
Height sampling (FII) (m) 5
Number of gates 128
Coherent integration number 32
Incoherent integration number - (time series)
Number of FFT points 128
Acquisition time (s) 16.384a
Time sampling (s) 4.096
Nyquist frequency (Hz) 3.9063
Velocity aliasing (ms−1) 12.6
  1. aAcquisition of a time series of 128 points for each direction but the effective time resolution is about half (~8 s) due to Hanning windowing of the time series