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Fig. 4

From: Shigaraki UAV-Radar Experiment (ShUREX): overview of the campaign with some preliminary results

Fig. 4

a Horizontal distance of UAV 12 with respect to the center of the radar antenna beam located at (0,0). b Height vs. time of UAV 12. c Time-height cross section of radar echo power (in dB, arbitrary scale) in range imaging mode, after doing the Capon processing, at vertical incidence from 16:30 LT to 18:00 LT on June 9 in the height range 1.27–6.5 km ASL. The gaps correspond to radar stops. The trace of UAV 12, pointed out by the red arrow, can be seen below 2.6 km (d). Red UAV distance from the center of the radar antenna vs. time between 17:40 LT and 18:20 LT, Black the corresponding echo power peaks selected manually and attributed to the UAV

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