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Fig. 2

From: Melting relations in the Fe–S–Si system at high pressure and temperature: implications for the planetary core

Fig. 2

Back scattered electron (BSE) image of the quench textures of the melting experiment. The sample was recovered from 58(4) GPa and 1940(110). The experimental conditions are shown as a gray circle in the phase diagram given in Fig. 3. A zoom-out image of the sample in DAC is shown in this figure. The diameter of the laser beam is around 40 μm and is shown as a gray circle in the figure. The detailed textures of the zoom-in image are also sketched at the bottom of the BSE image. A dendritic texture showing quenching from the melt is clearly observed in the BSE image and shown as hatched areas in the sketch. The black grains in the zoom-in and zoom-out images are alumina grains used for the pressure medium. It was difficult to remove the alumina grains from the sample during surface polishing

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