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Fig. 11

From: High-resolution mapping and time-series measurements of 222Rn concentrations and biogeochemical properties related to submarine groundwater discharge along the coast of Obama Bay, a semi-enclosed sea in Japan

Fig. 11

a 222Rn concentration (dpm/L) and salinity of the endmembers for seawater (SW), river water (RW), terrestrial groundwater (tGW), and recirculated submarine groundwater (RSGD). The solid line, dotted line, and bold line are the mixing curves between SW and RW, SW and tGW, and SW and RSGD, respectively. b Average 222Rn concentration (dpm/L) for 1 h in each day plotted against salinity outside the chamber. The symbols RW, tGW, and RSGD indicate a part of each mixing curve

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