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Fig. 8

From: A 2700-year record of ENSO and PDO variability from the Californian margin based on coccolithophore assemblages and calcification

Fig. 8

Cross spectral analysis (Blackman-Tukey) between the 700 year record of SST (Zhao et al. 2000) and %G. oceanica in the Santa Barbara Basin. No-Zero coherence at 95% is higher than a confidence level of 0.665 (red horizontal line). The bandwidth is 0.0046 (red horizontal bar marked BW). Lengths of significant periods are indicated in the graph. For those, the phase between the two series is indicated by vertical blue lines representing the phase error bar at 80% with the upper and lower limits expressed in years. The horizontal blue line is the zero phase. For positive phase value, SST is leading and for negative phase values, %G. oceanica is leading

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