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Fig. 10

From: A 2700-year record of ENSO and PDO variability from the Californian margin based on coccolithophore assemblages and calcification

Fig. 10

Variability of the COCOC (composite coccolith proxy) during the last 2700 years in the Santa Barbara Basin. Bottom left panel shows the COCOC record in red and blue color, the limit between red and blue is a detrended COCOC record by the 1st PC of a SSA (Vautard and Ghill 1989) and the 2nd PC of a SSA (the embedding dimension is 40) in black dotted line. Top left panel represents the 2nd (red) and 3rd (blue) PCs of the SSA. The dates of each minima (blue text) and maxima (red text) of the 2nd PC are given. Right panels represent the spectral analysis performed with the Multi-Taper Method (Thomson 1982) of the 2nd PC (red in top panel), 3rd PC (blue), and the COCOC record detrended with the 1st PC (red in the bottom panel). The principal period is given in year

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