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Table 1 List of symbols, where A and A are arbitrary quantities written dimensionally or non-dimensionally, respectively

From: Towards a seamlessly diagnosable expression for the energy flux associated with both equatorial and mid-latitude waves

\(f^{*}=f^{*}_{0} + \beta ^{*} y^{*}\) Coriolis parameter
c Speed of long gravity wave
x,y,t Cartesian coordinates wherein x and y increase eastward and northward
〈 〈a,b〉 〉 Horizontal vector with eastward and northward components a and b
V=〈 〈u,v〉 〉 Horizontal velocity vector
≡〈 〈 x , y 〉 〉 Horizontal gradient operator
p Pressure
qv x u y y p Linearized Ertel’s potential vorticity: \(q^{*} \equiv v^{*}_{x^{*}}-u^{*}_{y^{*}} - (f^{*}/{c^{*}}^{2}) p^{*}\)
φ Solution of 2 φy 2 φ−3φ tt =q, see (16) & (17a)
φ app Solution of 2 φ appy 2 φ app=q, see (26a) & (18a)
(u 2+v 2+p 2)/2 Wave energy: (u 2+v 2+p 2/c 2)/2
θ=k xω t Wave phase
k Zonal wavenumber
ω Wave frequency
H (n) Hermite polynomial, see endnote 1
n Meridional mode number of free equatorial waves
\(\overline {A}\) Phase average of A