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Fig. 7

From: Reactions between komatiite and CO2-rich seawater at 250 and 350 °C, 500 bars: implications for hydrogen generation in the Hadean seafloor hydrothermal system

Fig. 7

The mMg2+/(mMg2+ + mCa2+) values of hydrothermal fluids in Exp-250 and Exp-350 plotted on the calcite-dolomite-magnesite stability fields estimated from experiments at 275–420 °C and their extrapolation to 0 °C (modified after Tribble et al. 1995). The dotted and solid curves are for the solutions with 2 and 1 M of Ca-Mg chloride, respectively. The blue circle and pink diamond indicate the values in Exp-250 and Exp-350, respectively

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