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Fig. 6

From: A record of the upper Olduvai geomagnetic polarity transition from a sediment core in southern Yokohama City, Pacific side of central Japan

Fig. 6

Rock-magnetic and paleomagnetic results from a depth interval of 80–50 m in Core M. a Paleomagnetic declinations. b Section breaks. c Paleomagnetic inclinations. d Maximum angular dispersions (MAD) of principal component analysis. e VGP latitudes, in which the letters AE are the VGP cluster locations see in Fig. 7a. f Relative paleointensities (NRM20–40 mT/ARM20–40 mT). g Volume magnetic susceptibilities (κ) and anhysteretic remanent magnetization susceptibilities (κARM). The vertical dotted lines are the expected declinations and inclinations for the two polarities at the core site from the geocentric axial dipole field

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