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Fig. 3

From: A review of progress towards understanding the transient global mean surface temperature response to radiative perturbation

Fig. 3

Schematic diagram of the summary of concepts developed for understanding of the transient response of the global mean surface temperature. The horizontal and vertical axes are surface temperature and TOA net radiation changes after a step increase in radiative forcing, respectively. Figure A1 of Winton et al. (2013a) is referenced. N: TOA net radiation change; F: effective radiative forcing; ΔT: transient temperature change; λ: (effective) climate feedback parameter; λ eq: equilibrium climate feedback parameter; κ: ocean heat uptake efficiency; ε: ocean heat uptake efficacy; ΔT eff: effective climate sensitivity (in the case of 2xCO2 forcing); ΔT eq: equilibrium temperature change. See the text for the details

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