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Fig. 2

From: A review of progress towards understanding the transient global mean surface temperature response to radiative perturbation

Fig. 2

Global and annual mean temperature changes from the preindustrial control simulation in the MIROC3.2 (medres) AOGCM experiments. Solid lines: surface air temperature; dashed lines: potential temperature averaged over the full ocean depth; black lines: 1 % compound annual increase of CO2 (1pctCO2, 1–140 years); blue lines: constant 2xCO2 forcing starting from year 70 of 1pctCO2 (const2xCO2, 71–2699 years); red lines: constant 4xCO2 forcing starting from year 140 of 1pctCO2 (const4xCO2, 141–3685 years)

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