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Fig. 4

From: Hydrous Na-garnet from Garnet Ridge; products of mantle metasomatism underneath the Colorado Plateau

Fig. 4

Photomicrograph (a) and Raman intensity maps (b, c, d, e) of exsolved amphibole within subgroup B3 dense lamellae type pyrope. a Photomicrograph in plane polarized light. b Total intensities of all Raman shift range of 155–4845 cm−1. c A garnet band at the Raman shift range of 904–926 cm−1. d An OH band of exsolved amphibole at the Raman shift range of 3671–3720 cm−1. e Bands of exsolved Ti-bearing phases (rutile + ilmenite) at the Raman shift range of 743–776 cm−1

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