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Fig. 9

From: Imaging in 3D under pressure: a decade of high-pressure X-ray microtomography development at GSECARS

Fig. 9

Examples of volume rendering at high pressure and temperature by tomography reconstruction. A vitreous Mg2SiO4 sphere (initial diameter = 0.803 mm) at a 1 atm and b 1 GPa. Images modified after Lesher et al. (2009). c A series of images of a Ga cylinder at various pressure and temperature conditions. Images modified after Li et al. (2014). Sessile drop of Fe60S40 melt at 2 GPa and d 1207 and e 1293 K. Note the semi-triangular shape of the drop at 1207 K, indicating that the sample has not reached equilibrium with the surrounding sodium disilicate liquid. Therefore, cross-sectional measurements on this drop cannot give accurate interfacial energy. Images modified after Terasaki et al. (2008)

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