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Fig. 12

From: Imaging in 3D under pressure: a decade of high-pressure X-ray microtomography development at GSECARS

Fig. 12

Imaging the proppant systems with different wall rocks. a Circular cross section of the Berea-proppant sample in the cell shown in Fig. 7a. b Axial cross section, showing both the proppants (circular beads) and the Berea wall rocks (top and bottom slabs). c A cubic ROI within the sample (colored beads) can be digitally selected for solid-void segmentation and detailed permeability analysis. d, e Shale-proppant system simulating a fracture at 0 (d) and 83 MPa (e). The open pathway in d is closed in e, with significant cracks in the shale wall rock. Images modified after Sanematsu et al. (2015)

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