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Fig. 3

From: Philippine Sea Plate inception, evolution, and consumption with special emphasis on the early stages of Izu-Bonin-Mariana subduction

Fig. 3

Oceanic basins with their subducted parts, present and paleo-volcanic arcs and trenches of the PSP. Oceanic basins are outlined with their respective ages and the main directions of spreading (grey arrows). Purple and orange dots indicate the present and Eo-Oligo-Lower Miocene volcanic arcs, respectively, associated with the PSP, either caused by the PSP itself or another plate subducting beneath the PSP. The PSP slabs (dotted areas) have been unfolded and projected at the surface. Note that a small part of the western WPB has subducted beneath the Huatung Basin along the East side of the Gagua Ridge. The location of the Eo-Oligo-Lower Miocene trench (in orange) has been estimated based on the amount of IBM arc consumption by tectonic erosion. Mesozoic terrane occurrences in the PSP are reported with green circles, in which the numbers refer to Table 1 where more details are presented

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