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Fig. 1

From: Philippine Sea Plate inception, evolution, and consumption with special emphasis on the early stages of Izu-Bonin-Mariana subduction

Fig. 1

Philippine Sea Plate boundaries and toponymy. Plate boundaries (in red) are reported on a bathymetric map based on GEBCO data. Main faults are represented by thick black lines and active spreading centers by double lines. Red triangles are located on the overriding plates along the subduction boundaries. Blue dotted lines outline the OIB plateaus. From north to south: Su.T. Suruga Trough, Sa.T. Sagami Trough, Nankai T. Nankai Trough, A.D.O. Region Amami-Daito-Oki-Daito Region, Bonin Isl. Bonin Islands, O.D.P. Oki-Daito Plateau, O.D.R. Oki-Daito Ridge, U.D. Urdaneta Plateau, O.D.E. Oki-Daito Escarpment, L.V.F. Longitudinal Valley Fault, H.B. Huatung Basin, G.R. Gagua Ridge, L.V.A. Luzon Volcanic Arc, L.O.F.Z. Luzon-Okinawa Fracture Zone, B.R. Benham Rise, C.B.F. rift Central Basin Fault rift, M.T. Mariana Trough, M.G.R. Malaguana-Gadao Ridge, Mindanao F.Z. Mindanao Fracture Zone, Y.T. Yap Trench, P.T. Palau Trench, and A.T. Ayu Trough

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