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Fig. 2

From: Evolution and variability of the Asian monsoon and its potential linkage with uplift of the Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau

Fig. 2

Seasonal changes of the westerly jet axis over the Tibetan Plateau at approximately 200 hPa. a is for June, and b is for January. Figures on the left show total jet occurrence counts (shading) from 6-h ERA-40 fields and the interannual variability of the jet latitude (box plots) from ERA-40 monthly mean horizontal wind. Figures on the right show the meridional distribution of occurrence counts from 80–90° E; i.e., within the area marked by solid vertical lines. The bold solid line and gray shading in the figures on the right show the mean and one standard deviation of interannual variability, respectively. c is the seasonal cycle of the daily jet latitude at 80–90° E (open circles) and the jet latitude obtained after low-pass filtering with a cutoff period of 30 days (solid line). Modified from Schiemann et al. (2009)

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