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Fig. 3

From: Geochemical approaches to the quantification of dispersed volcanic ash in marine sediment

Fig. 3

Closeup photos and photomicrographs of ash layers from ODP Site 998, western Caribbean Sea. (Left) Volcanic ash layer in Section 165-998A-10H-4, 50–72 cm. Note the sharp base and transitional top that has been reworked by bioturbation. (Right, top) Section 165-998A-19X-3, 55–56 cm. Typical rhyolitic glass shards from a 13.8 Ma volcanic ash fall layer. The width of the field of view is 0.5 mm. (Right, bottom) Typical fresh (clear) and altered (cloudy) glass shards and an amphibole phenocryst in a 15 Ma volcanic ash fall layer in Section 165-998A-21X-3, 51–52 cm. From Sigurdsson, Leckie, Acton, et al. 1997

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