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Fig. 2

From: Geochemical approaches to the quantification of dispersed volcanic ash in marine sediment

Fig. 2

Photographs of a mafic pockets, b discrete mafic ash layers, c felsic ash layer and pockets, d disseminated mafic ash pockets selected primary mafic ash layers, e partially disseminated ash pockets, and f disseminated ash. All examples from IODP expedition 344 (CRISP II) offshore Costa Rica. Example smear-slide microphotographs showing glass shard textures of felsic (G-I) and mafic (J-L) marine ash layers. g U1381-3H-7, 14–19 cm: felsic ash with tubular transparent to light brown shards. h M66-226/78 cm bsf: silicic shard from highly vesicular pumice. i M66-222/51 cm bsf: pumice fragment with moderately elongated vesicles. j M66-223/305 cm bsf: blocky sideromelane shard with and without vesicles. k M66-222/436-441 cm bsf: elongated vesicles in sideromelane shard. l M66-222/517–518 cm bsf: overview picture of different glass shards in one sample

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