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Fig. 5

From: Overview of the development of the Aerosol Loading Interface for Cloud microphysics In Simulation (ALICIS)

Fig. 5

Surface-level a CN and b CCN (at 0.6 % liquid-phase supersaturation) number concentrations simulated near the ABC–EAREX 2005 Gosan site and measured at the site on March 13, 2005 (case 1) and March 25, 2005 (case 2). Green bars show number concentrations in a regional model simulation using the ALICIS module based on Iguchi et al. (2008); the concentrations are calculated at grid points near the site (averaged within an area of 126.0° E–126.4° E and 33.1° N–33.5° N at the model bottom level) for the initial time step of the simulation. Error bars show standard deviations from the averages. Red bars show the same concentrations but using assumptions proposed by Choi et al. (2014). Observed CN and CCN were measured simultaneously using a TSI condensation particle counter and a stream-wise thermal gradient CCN counter deployed at the Gosan site, respectively

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