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Fig. 2

From: Overview of the development of the Aerosol Loading Interface for Cloud microphysics In Simulation (ALICIS)

Fig. 2

Vertical distribution of the observed and simulated CCN number concentrations over the East China Sea on a April 2, 2003 and b April 8, 2003. The observed CCN number concentration in the flight measurements was obtained for liquid-phase supersaturation ranges of 0.07–0.22 % on April 2 and 0.09–0.32 % on April 8. The simulated CCN number concentration in the regional model was calculated for a liquid-phase supersaturation of 0.1 % in the April 2 case and 0.2 % in the April 8 case. Lines of simulated concentration show vertical profiles of horizontal averages in three domains of radius ±0.5° centered at 129.5° E and 30.5° N, 31.5° N, or 32.5° N. The two types of simulated concentration are plotted separately from the control and cloud-free runs (where all cloud microphysical processes were switched off to prevent CN consumption through droplet nucleation). Adapted from Iguchi et al. (2008)

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