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Table 2 Comparison of errors in foraminiferal assemblage-based temperature estimates calculated using four techniques

From: Sea surface temperature proxies (alkenones, foraminiferal Mg/Ca, and planktonic foraminiferal assemblage) and their implications in the Okinawa Trough

Method Core SST Estimation error (°C)a Calibration dataset
MAT DGKS9603 Summer ±1.50 Global
RAM MD01-2404 Summer ±0.72 Western Pacific
Winter ±1.17
SIMMAX-28 255 B-3GC Summer ±0.45 Western Pacific
Winter ±1.27
FP-12E 255 B-3GC Summer ±1.46 Northwestern Pacific
Winter ±2.48
  1. aStudies in which estimation errors are defined: MAT (Ortiz and Mix 1997), RAM (Chen et al. 2005), SIMMAX-28 (Pflaumann and Jian 1999), and FP-12E (Thompson 1981)