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Fig. 1

From: Authigenic carbonate precipitation at the end-Guadalupian (Middle Permian) in China: Implications for the carbon cycle in ancient anoxic oceans

Fig. 1

Stratigraphy of the Chaotian section. a Location of the Chaotian section. b Paleogeography of South China in the Capitanian (Late Guadalupian) modified from Wang and Jin (2000). The global paleogeography is shown in the inset. South China is shown in black, and a red star represents the location of Chaotian. c Stratigraphy across the Guadalupian–Lopingian (Middle–Upper Permian) boundary (G–LB) at Chaotian. The sedimentary environments and sea-level changes are modified from Saitoh et al. (2013a). carb. carbonates, calc. calcareous, sil. siliceous, c.n. chert nodule, Word. Wordian, Wuchiap. Wuchiapingian, Ch. Changhsingian, Dal. Dalong, Tr. Triassic, In. Induan, Gr. Griesbachian, Fei. Feixianguan, P–TB Permian–Triassic boundary

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