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Fig. 4

From: An in situ experimental study of Zr4+ transport capacity of water-rich fluids in the temperature and pressure range of the deep crust and upper mantle

Fig. 4

Examples of the Raman spectra of fluids and crystals at conditions as indicated on the individual spectra. Panels a-d) show spectra of fluids from systems and under conditions indicated on the individual spectra. Panels (e) and (f) show examples of crystalline, Zfr-bearing materials, and panel (g) shows an example of the spectrum of fluid from the SiO2-H2O system at temperature and pressure indcated. Note the insert in (d), which shows an expanded version of the 500–700 cm−1 frequency range so as to better show the similarity between this region and the same region in the spectra of ZrO2-H2O fluids in (a)

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