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Fig. 7

From: Effect of width, amplitude, and position of a core mantle boundary hot spot on core convection and dynamo action

Fig. 7

Radially integrated convective heat transport. Colatitudinal profiles of the vertical convective heat transport Γ c for hydrodynamic (black) and magnetic (red) simulations. The horizontal dashed lines denote the hemispherical average of each Γ c . Blue lines denote the relative contribution λ ϕ of the mean azimuthal toroidal field. a Reference case with homogeneous boundary heat flux. b Ψ= 90° and q =0.75. c Y 10 case with a large-scale anomaly: Ψ= 180° and q =1.0. Note that whereas a and b show long time averages, c is calculated from a few snapshots because of the reversing magnetic field. Parameters: Ra=4×107, τ=0, Pm=2

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