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Fig. 6

From: Effect of width, amplitude, and position of a core mantle boundary hot spot on core convection and dynamo action

Fig. 6

Effect of magnetic fields on EAA convective mode. Relative EAA kinetic energy contribution for a polar anomalies (fixed τ=0) with various amplitudes q and for b fixed q =1.0 with various tilt angles τ as function of the anomaly width Ψ. For comparison, the hydrodynamic reference cases are included as dashed curves. The EAA contributions C EAA for the homogeneously cooled reference cases are 0.01 (dynamo) and 0.06 (hydrodynamic). Oscillatory dynamos are indicated by empty circles. Parameters: Ra=4×107, Pm=2 (dynamo) or Pm=0 (hydrodynamic)

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