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Fig. 2

From: Effect of width, amplitude, and position of a core mantle boundary hot spot on core convection and dynamo action

Fig. 2

Mean flow and magnetic properties. a Homogeneous reference case (q =0, Ra=4×107). b Standard boundary forcing case (q =1.0, τ=0, Ψ= 180°). The first row in each part shows, from left to right, the zonal flow (\(\overline {u_{\phi }}\)), the stream function of the meridional circulation (ζ), the zonal temperature (\(\overline {T}\)), and the two sides of the thermal wind equation (\(\partial \overline {u_{\phi }} / \partial z\) and RaE/(2r 0Pr) T/ θ). The second row in each part contains the radial field (\(\overline {B_{r}}\)), the mean azimuthal field (\(\overline {B_{\phi }}\)), the intensity of non-axisymmetric radial flows (\(|u_{r}^{\prime }|\)), and hammer projections of the radial field at the surface (top) and the radial flow at mid-depth (bottom). Parameters: Ra=4×107, q =1.0, τ=0, β=0.35, Pm=2

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