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Fig. 10

From: Effect of width, amplitude, and position of a core mantle boundary hot spot on core convection and dynamo action

Fig. 10

Magnetic field hemisphericity vs. EAA. Hemisphericity of the radial magnetic field at the Martian surface plotted against the EAA flow contribution. The different colours, symbols, and symbol sizes represent different tilt angles (τ), anomaly amplitudes (q ), and widths of the anomaly (Ψ), respectively, and the crosses indicate reversing dynamos. The specific values of C EAA and further characteristic quantities for the oscillatory dynamos can be found in Fig. 6 and Table 2. The small inset plot (top left) includes only points with H sur≥0.2 and C EAA≥0.5. The vertical grey dashed line indicates the lower limit of the Martian crustal value of H sur. Parameters: The Rayleigh and Ekman numbers are kept constant throughout all simulations in the plot (Ra=4×107, E=10−4)

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