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Table 4 Experimental parameters used for routine Spaced Antenna FCA for the Buckland Park MF radar

From: MF and HF radar techniques for investigating the dynamics and structure of the 50 to 110 km height region: a review

Parameter Day value Night value
Start range, km 50 70
Range resolution 26.6 μs (4 km) 26.6 μs (4 km)
Sampling range resolution, km 2 2
Number of ranges 25 15
Polarization Linear Linear
PRF, Hz 100 40
Coherent integrations 40 16
Effective sampling time, s 0.4 0.4
Number of complex samples 280 280
Record length, s 112 112
  1. A typical 112 s data record is shown in Fig. 7. In common with most modern radar techniques, it is suggested that coherent integration should be avoided. Also, as discussed in the text, it is suggested that the sampling times and record lengths be better matched to the characteristics of the fading at each sampling height