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Fig. 19

From: MF and HF radar techniques for investigating the dynamics and structure of the 50 to 110 km height region: a review

Fig. 19

The mean upward flux of horizontal momentum for the zonal (left) and meridional (right) directions for a 5 day period in July 1997 using the five beam arrangement shown in Fig. 18. The red line indicates these terms calculated by using the Vincent and Reid (1983) approach with the five nominal beam directions after correcting them for the aspect sensitivity of the atmosphere. The black line uses the radial velocities corresponding to each of the calculated 2 min effective beam positions and calculates the Reynolds stress tensor from these. The results indicated by the gray line are calculated in the same way as the black line but using only the vertically directed beam. These then correspond to the Thorsen et al. (1997) approach described in the text (after Spargo et al. 2015). For further details, see the text

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