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Fig. 4

From: Liquid sodium models of the Earth’s core

Fig. 4

Bistability in the 60 cm experiment. Induced magnetic field spectra from the 60 cm experiment at Ro = 2.7, E=3.2e−7. Top: spectra (for both high and low torque states) of the Gauss coefficient with l=2, m=1. Bottom: the same for the coefficient with l=3, m=1. Note that much of the power in g21 is concentrated around a frequency of 1.18 Ω o , corresponding to a velocity profile with l=3, m=1 and a frequency of 0.18 in the rotating frame, matching a wave seen in the 3 m device. The g31 coefficient is correlated with the low torque state. (From Zimmerman 2010)

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