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Fig. 2

From: Geographical distribution of shear wave anisotropy within marine sediments in the northwestern Pacific

Fig. 2

S reflections that emerged in the auto correlation functions (ACFs) along A–A′. a The bathymetry along A–A′. b The ACF transect along A–A′. Left/right direction corresponds to negative/positive polarity for the ACF. An ACF is plotted for each ocean-bottom seismometer (OBS) site. Red dots indicate the time window for searching anisotropic parameters, differential travel time and fast polarization direction. c Post-stack time migration of multi channel seismic (MCS) data along A–A′ (after Fujie et al. 2013). d Vp/Vs along A–A′. The two-way travel time of S reflections obtained in this study is divided by that of P reflections from a seismic survey (after Fujie et al. 2013)

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