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Table 2 Summary of dynamo models imposed outer boundary heat flux patterns in AC09 (Amit and Choblet 2009), AC12 (Amit and Choblet 2012), ADC15 (Amit et al. in press), ODHZ13 (Olson et al. 2013), AO15 (Amit and Olson 2015), SJ12 (Sreenivasan and Jellinek 2012), and MACLT15 (Monteux et al. 2015). For each paper, the reference and alternative patterns are given. Tomographic always refers to present-day, HF1 is the time-dependent model of Zhang and Zhong (2011). For more details, see text

From: Towards more realistic core-mantle boundary heat flux patterns: a source of diversity in planetary dynamos

Paper Reference Alternative
AC09 Tomographic Thermal + post-perovskite
AC12 \({Y_{2}^{2}}\) \({Y_{2}^{2}}\) + ridges
ADC15 Tomographic Probabilistic tomography
ODHZ13 Tomographic HF1
AO15 Homogeneous Rotated \({Y_{2}^{0}}\)
SJ12 Homogeneous Plume-induced
KJRF14 Homogeneous Impact-induced
MACLT15 Degree-1 Impact-induced