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Fig. 13

From: Towards more realistic core-mantle boundary heat flux patterns: a source of diversity in planetary dynamos

Fig. 13

a Critical heat flux heterogeneity amplitudes required for dynamo failure vs. plume latitude for a mantle plume centered at 15°S (see CMB heat flux pattern in inlet). The three curves are based on three definitions of the heterogeneity amplitude: f (blue, Eq. (12)), \(\bar {H}_{\textit {CMB}}/H_{B}\) (solid black), and \(\bar {H}_{\text{plume}}/H_{B}\) (dashed black). b Timeseries of normalized magnetic energy for a mantle plume centered at 45°S with f=0 (blue), f=4 (red), f=10 (black), f=25 (magenta), and f=29 (green). From Sreenivasan and Jellinek (2012)

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