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Figure 29

From: Short-term variability of the Sun-Earth system: an overview of progress made during the CAWSES-II period

Figure 29

SOHO/LASCO snapshots of two CMEs, one associated with a GLE event (left) (a) and the other with only a large SEP event (b). The January 6 CME occurred slightly behind the limb. The January 7 CME originated from close to the disk center. The three red lines mark the ecliptic (central line) and the edges of the ecliptic distance range (±13°) over which GLE CMEs occurred in cycle 23. The LASCO images are superposed on SDO/AIA difference images at 193 Å, which show the disturbances behind the west limb for the January 6 CME and close to the disk center for the January 7 CME. (Adapted from Gopalswamy et al. 2014b).

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