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Figure 26

From: Short-term variability of the Sun-Earth system: an overview of progress made during the CAWSES-II period

Figure 26

Solar sources of large SEP events in cycle 24. (Left) solar sources of the 55 CMEs associated with major eruptions (flare size ≥M5.0) distinguished by their speed (blue ≥1,500 km/s, and red <1,500 km/s). (Middle) filled circles denote the CMEs associated with large SEP events (3 red and 17 blue). (Right) same as (Middle) but the sources of large SEP events associated with weaker eruptions (filled diamonds) are added, also divided into faster (blue, ≥1,500 km/s) and slower (red, <1,500 km/s). The speeds were obtained using a flux-rope fit to the CMEs using STEREO and SOHO data. The speed is not sky-plane projected.

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