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Table 3 Geoneutrino and reactor antineutrinos signals at JUNO

From: Expected geoneutrino signal at JUNO

  S (TNU)
Local contribution \( {17.4}_{-2.8}^{+3.3} \)
Far-field crust \( {13.4}_{-2.4}^{+3.3} \)
Mantle 8.8
Grand total of geoneutrinos \( {39.7}_{-5.2}^{+6.5} \)
Reactors OFF \( {26.0}_{-2.3}^{+2.2} \)
Reactors ON \( {354}_{-41}^{+45} \)
  1. The total geoneutrino signal (G) is the sum of the contributions from the local lithosphere (S LOC), from the rest of the lithosphere (i.e., far-field crust, S FFC), and from the mantle (S M). The reactor antineutrino signal in the geoneutrino window is calculated from the data for commercial reactors operating all over the world in 2013 (S OFF) and adding the contribution of the Yangjiang (17.4 GW) and Taishan (18.4 GW) nuclear power plants (S ON) (Baldoncini et al. 2015). All the signals are expressed in TNU.