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Table 4 LONET campaign observation sites

From: The geospace response to variable inputs from the lower atmosphere: a review of the progress made by Task Group 4 of CAWSES-II

Item Site Symbol Latitude Longitude 2010 2011 Contact
Ionosonde/foF2, h′F
1 Jicamarca JCM 12.0°S 76.9°W Partial YES Karim Kuyeng/Chau
2 Fortaleza FZA 3.9°S 38.4°W YES YES Inez Batista
3 C. Paulista CPT 22.7°S 45.0°W YES YES Inez Batista
4 São Luís SLS 2.5°S 44.3°W YES YES Inez Batista
5 Tirunelveli TIR 8.7°N 77.8°E YES NO Diwarker/Gurubaran
6 Gadanki GAD 13.5°N 79.2°E YES NO A.K. Patra
7 Cocos Islands COC 12.2°S 96.8°E YES YES Phil Wilkinson
8 Chumphon CPN 10.7°N 99.4°E YES NO Nagatsuma
9 Bac Lieu BCL 9.3°N 105.7°E YES NO Nagatsuma
10 Sanya SYA 18.3°N 109.6°E YES YES Guozhu Li
11 Wuhan WHN 30.5°N 114.3°E YES YES Guozhu Li
12 Cebu CEB 10.3°N 123.9°E YES NO Nagatsuma
13 Darwin DWN 12.5°S 130.9°E YES YES Phil Wilkinson
Meteor radar/wind
  Jicamarca JCM 12.0°S 76.9°W Partial YES Luiz/Chau
MF radar/wind
1 Tirunelveli TIR 8.7°N 77.8°E Partial YES Narayanan/Gurubaran
2 Pameungpeuk PAM 7.6°S 107.7°E YES YES T. Tsuda/IUGONET
FPI (thermospheric winds)
  Cairi CAR 7.5°S 36.4°W YES YES Makela/Meriwether
COSMIC satellite data (TEC)
  Equatorial   Geomag. ±20 YES YES COSMIC