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Table 3 Classification of EMICs based on ecosystem components

From: Modeling in Earth system science up to and beyond IPCC AR5

   No Yes
  No MIROC-lite (2,3) FAMOUS (3,3)
   SPEEDO (3,3) MESMO 1.0 (2,3)
    DCESS (box)
    GENIE (2,3)
  Yes (non-DGVM) IAP RAS CM (3,3) IGSM2.2 (2,1)
Land    Bern3D-LPJ (2,3)
    CLIMBER-2.4 (3,2)
    CLIMBER-3α (3,3)
  Yes (DVGM) - LOVECLIM 1.2 (3,3)
    UMD 2.0 (3,2)
    Uvic 2.9 (2,3)
  1. aMIROC-lite-LCM in Eby et al. ([2013]). Compiled from Table one of Eby et al. ([2013]), based on the presence of ocean/land ecosystem components. Numbers in parentheses after model names indicate dimensions of atmosphere and of ocean. For references on each model, see Eby et al. ([2013]).