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Figure 5

From: The Non-hydrostatic Icosahedral Atmospheric Model: description and development

Figure 5

Dependency of the simulated NICAM climatology on the vertical resolution. Dependency on the vertical resolution of the (upper) zonal mean temperature (K), and (lower) zonal mean zonal wind (m s-1). From left to right: JRA25 reanalysis (Onogi et al. [2007]), CIRA86 (, NICAM (Δzmax = 2 km), NICAM (Δzmax = 1 km), and NICAM (Δzmax = 0.5 km). For CIRA86, the climatology for June is shown. All the other panels are the averages for June 2004. Shading denotes deviations from the CIRA86 climatology.

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